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Artist Statement

In my current practice, I am exploring the place where ideas and thoughts are formed. The creative process is truly precognitive. All notions and ideas are irrelevant once the flow begins. The unformed becomes the formed. My work examines the tension between movement and structure, between freedom and control, in a composition. I am interested in pure painting. I create visual rhythms, so that the eye will be guided through the composition just as the ear hears harmonies and discord in a composition.

I am inspired by the endless layers in nature. I am also inspired by the  endless possibilities of pure painting. The act of Painting itself, is always the primary guide. I embrace beauty.         

My own intention as an artist is to open and widen the viewer's gaze, to take them to a certain point and let them finish the journey. My hope is that the viewer will discover a new sense of wonder through my work.

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